www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "assimilate "They did not assimilate with the natives. Here is the wonder and mystery of life: the power of the living organism to assimilate dead matter, to give it life and bring it into the law and unity of the organism itself.


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He had become aware, in Seattle, of the  However, these groups have largely assimilated and now speak English as in the Swedish language is also pragmatically distinctive at the sentence level, i.e. av E Rakevičius — Explain with this sentence the importance of the deadline and the time for the months to assimilate the gained knowledge, before they were confident to  av T Wikman · 2004 · Citerat av 120 — Assimilation kan ske oberoende om elevens uppfattning är korrekt eller bristfäl- lig. For example consider the text sentence, “Pulmonary circulation is the. easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned a light sentence; a light accent; casualties were light; light snow was falling; light misty  Knowledge is structured and organised so that you assimilate the language way that you create your response and move on to ever-more-complex sentences. struggles to assimilate-foster family, school, a first love.

Assimilate in a sentence

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2. It took Garry a minute or two to assimilate that. 3. The end of it all must be for me to assimilate Sentences Containing 'assimilate' Eventually the tension of the developing cells breaks open the cell wall of the original cell and releases the spores which undergo a dramatic change to assimilate to normal cellular dimensions. How to use Assimilate in a sentence as a verb.

the pieces of this puzzle to. a dog?

Assimilate in a sentence. 31. The child would then assimilate this object into its already formed concept of table, with no further consequence. 32. Those Illyrians who did not assimilate probably moved to the less hospitable mountainous areas, but little is known of their fate. 33.

4.2.5 Retroflexes Even at the end of words, /p, t, k/ can be aspirated if they come last in the sentence. Many translated example sentences containing "dry matter content" on request from the party concerned, to assimilate the products listed in that paragraph to  Extensive practice helps students assimilate writing skills to learn to write with New Essential Online Resources include grammar for writing and sentence  English translation: assimilate. Entered by: stephen Apart from whether the sentence makes any sense in and of itself (i sig - pun intended). Complete the sentence for you.

Assimilate in a sentence

What is the definition of ASSIMILATE? What is the meaning of ASSIMILATE? How do you use ASSIMILATE in a sentence? What are synonyms for ASSIMILATE?

Assimilate in a sentence

Occom helped the Pequot to assimilate and adopt European-style houses, dress and culture. Assimilate Sentence Examples She paused, allowing him to assimilate the information. I find it easier to assimilate new information when it is presented visually. The immigrant family found it difficult to assimilate to new customs because they were vastly different than their own culture. Sentence with the word Assimilate Your underline assertion, that Mexican immigrants don't want to ' assimilate ' is highly questionable, however, depending on how you define ' assimilate '.

Maybe he's too stunned to assimilate. It was almost more than I could assimilate. I tried to assimilate yet  Example sentences of.
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Assimilate in a sentence

Linking > Linking Categories > Assimilation: Linking /t/ as Alveolar Stop /t̬/  Complete each sentence with two spelling words that have the same root. 1. Can you. the pieces of this puzzle to. a dog?

assimilate · I have a lot of information to assimilate. · The body better assimilates vitamin supplements if they are taken with food. · My grandparents were eager to   Schools were used to assimilate the children of immigrants.
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sounds to when they start forming sentences,. ○ account for The students develop their abilities to assimilate research relevant to the profession. The students 

The desire to assimilate is very powerful, it is a variation on the need to conform to society. Example Sentences for "assimilate " They did not assimilate with the natives. Here is the wonder and mystery of life: the power of the living organism to assimilate dead matter, to give it life and bring it into the law and unity of the organism itself.